CM’s Food Porn #20 – Dried Sea Cucumbers From Kuantan, Malaysia

CM (Classmate) is in Kuantan, Malaysia with his latest ship surveying job. As always, he finds the time to shop for his prized dried foods that are pivotal in Cantonese cooking.

Below are photos of sea cucumbers that are widely used in soups or tradition Cantonese or Sichuan cooking of “Pen Choy” – ie mixed vegetables of cabbage, lotus flowers, dried mollusk such as dried oysters (“How Si” pronounced in Cantonese) and other delectable prized treasures.


Sea Cucumber

Based on the above pricing with Malaysian Ringgit trading at 1 MYR = SGD0.34 cents, the prices for the various qualities he picked ranged from SGD45, SGD50 and SGD185 per packet.

Once these hard and dried sea cucumbers are soaked in water and stewed it becomes a jelly like substance, which to some is fantastic to eat as a delicacy.

This is a must have item for most homes during Chinese New Year or auspicious events when it is served at Chinese banquets.

I do not like eating this. It reminds me of a phallic symbol!

*Above are photos that CM sent me via social media.

‘Tis The Season For Durians…Fa La Lah..Lah Lah Lah!

‘Tis the season of durians or we say the king of fruits. Yes, the thorny, spiky thick husk fruits are back and for those who cannot stand the stinky poo smell of this fruit, will surely run a thousand miles away.

For those who worship this fruit and love the aroma of it, will be the first to stand in line to buy them. Funny isn’t it, how one man’s food is another man’s poison!

Well, Dowager loves this fruit and as usual when Dowager wants, Dowager gets at company’s expense of course.

I have to plan for a day trip to Malaysia for about 30 people to travel by coach to chow down on these fruits and do some along the way, by the way shopping bits.

All expense paid by the company, Dowager started to talk about providing breakfast. My guess is that she will be missing breakfast as the gathering time is in the wee hours of the morning.

I smiled my bestest but with a sword in my heart to stab by sweetly saying that Dowager takes such good care of the minions. But seriously at before 5am where can anyone go and buy breakfast for the others? I pity the person who will be saddled with this if it gets pushed through.

Dowager suggested buying bread sandwiched with a sweet cream.

Again my killing smile flashed and my sweetest voice said that since the government has waged war against diabetes, let’s not harm anyone as this choice of a breakfast will wreak havoc on any one’s sugar levels. Besides, all who are going are not teenagers or children but mature adults, of whom some are in their 50s. I am quite sure they know how to feed selves!

I knew I thwarted Dowager’s plans. No breakfast for her LOL!

As luck would have it, a newspaper article showed that the price of durians have dropped. These where not the high end species Dowager wanted but being the stingy poke she is, she asked me to find out if further discounts were available.

Gee…anyone wanting to make five cents out of Dowager might as well commit kamikaze.

If she does not benefit, then there shall be no trip!


Rental Bicycles

Our lil red dot is littered with senseless parking or strewing of rental bicycles (bikes). We have operators from Ofo, Mobikes, Obikes and the list goes on.

We see bikes hurled into canals, seas, down a block of flats and they are left everywhere on the roads, outside of private homes – literally an eyesore and “killer litter” when the bike is hurled down at a height of more than 10 storeys!

So, today in Parliament, the Singapore government has decided to lay down new laws. If the renter of the bike does not park it in a designated parking bay, then the bike rental continues to be charged to his mobile phone till it is done so. 3 bites of the cherry and this bike renter is banned from renting a bike again.

Harsh punitive measures, but I like it, as it lessens the hazards for seniors to meander through the jungle pile up of strewn bikes as  they navigate their wheelchair or mobility device to get home or to the stores.

Singapore, or a lot of us identify as lil red dot is a “fine” city. It is truly fine but fines are meted out for a lot of things, which keeps us clean and green. People may be upset but inwardly we are all  glad that it keeps our lil island clean and clean.

Today, I learnt that the city of California in USA has passed a law to fine USD100 per user of mobile phone user who is a pedestrian. I think this is a good idea as they endanger their own lives. They do not see where they are going, nor do they put their own safety at the forefront when crossing roads without looking left or right.

I would love for this to be implemented here too as it can protect and save lives.

My 2 favorite DJs on air, Flying Dutchman (FD) and Glenn Ong, shared that Singapore should implement this in lil red dot, though they admit that it may be hard to police it. FD shared that he is irate as the number of people on cell phones that bump into him without looking and or suddenly stopping dead in their tracks whilst walking has caused him “accidents” – this is a danger to society.

I think it will be good for us as it keeps us and our children safe. No point crying if accidents or deaths occur unnecessarily!

How Quickly Gadgets Become Obsolete!

I have kept the radio I took with me from Singapore to Eugene, Oregon, where I did my bachelor’s degree. It has been loyal to me, keeping me company in my bedroom through the 4 different seasons as I studied for my exams or did my term paper.

Today, this antiquated device sits on top of my microwave oven in my kitchen, keeping me company when I pot about in the kitchen trying to cook up a storm.

Loyal as ever, it now acts as a reminder when I have the kettle on. This means that whenever I flip the kettle on, the radio is turned on – same socket shared.

These days with handheld devices, the radio is no longer required.

Everyone I know is plugged into their cell phones with the most enormous headsets or tiniest plugs into ears and music is blared loudly.

CDs and DVDs are also on the way out as these days, people watch online or download songs online. An external hardisk or a thumb is required and it can hold tonnes of song choices in that tiny little thumb drive.

I am old fashioned. I do not like to have blaring music in my ears as I know, overtime, I could suffer hearing loss. Too close to comfort is my take and so, I prefer to listen to songs out of my trusty old radio in the kitchen or a larger radio in my hall.

I live alone and so, I like to have the radio on as background noise to keep me company whenever I am home. It also alerts me to news as it happens in real time or when there is a traffic jam before I leave home.

I learnt that Norway has done away with broadcasting radio frequency AM or FM. Everything has gone digital for them.

Whilst lil red dot is going for digital TV end of Dec 2018, I hope they will not do away with FM and AM frequency radio.

As it is with the older TV sets that can only receive analogue waves, the elderly poor and not so well off are having a hard time. If their old TV sets are rendered useless, then they will be cut off from the cheapest form of entertainment that they can have in their homes. Not everyone can afford to subscribe to cable and pay close to $100 for wifi and cable basic package.

So, I hope that my old radio can continue to be loyal in providing me with media coverage and good tunes. Let’s not remove this item just yet….


Introducing GarfieldHug2

It’s a boy!


It’s a baby inanimate furball brother to Garfieldhug at!

Welcome to GarfieldHug2 whereby this site is an extension of Garfieldhug.

I blab a lot and so, with the limited space available on GarfieldHug, I have decided to create GarfieldHug2.

It has been 5 years since I started my humble blog site on WordPress in 2013. I enjoyed every minute of it as it was a platform whereby I connect with people internationally, sharing my life in lil red dot (*I fondly call Singapore, just like many other Singaporeans), my love for Jim Davis’ creation, Garfield, who has brought me much joy and support through all my medical ailments.

I have made good friends virtually and look forward to reading their posts, as much as they do mine, commenting and or I prefer to call it chit chatting!

So, here’s to more fun reads, more laughs, more tears, more rants or more raves!

Happy reading folks and thank you for stopping by 🙂